Acne: What Is It? And HOW Do You Get Rid of It?

03 Jul

Despite what doctors say, acne is a complicated medical condition that affects MILLIONS of teens, young adults and older adults well into the golden years. Acne, also called acne pustules or acne rosacea (redness) or simply “bumps” are the result of clogged pores from:

Dead skin cells

Debris/ Dirt

Oils from the face and body

“But what causes it and how do I get rid of it?” My organically-aware customers are always asking us how to get rid of it. Here’s the scoop. Acne is caused AND made worse by:


Bad/ Poor diet (sorry it’s true)



Air pollutants

Doctors like to claim that acne and food do not correlate but that’s not true! What you eat is the number one precursor of good health! That’s why organic foods and all natural products are the way to go. If you eat junk, your body secretes junk. It’s that simple, folks.

Organically grown foods with no pesticides or parabens, which can cause cancer and skin allergies/ reactions, are a great way to:

Support the farming community

Take care of Mother Nature

Take care of yourself and your family

Fight illness and disease WITHOUT harmful drugs

Acne is a disease. You cannot fight a disease with a chemical that causes MORE disease. You fight disease naturally with antioxidants from natural foods and products. Try our Garden Tomato Clear Complexion Soap made with real garden grown tomatoes. Eat more fresh, GMO-free fruits and vegetables and drink more water NOT soda. Your skin will be hydrated and your body will immediately feel the difference.

Tomato Soap

Our soaps are made fresh with no preservatives. Even though we never claim to cure any illness, using organic products like our tomato soap and an improved diet will make your skin healither, smoother and clearer.

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