Summer Tanning: The Vegan Way

11 Jul

Ahhhhh……….the sun.

Time for beaches, parties and hanging out in the backyard. Make this summer a “vegan” summer by throwing out the store-brought tanning lotions filled with aluminum, yes aluminum, and parabens. Tan naturally with our vegan tanning creme:

Cleopatra’s Secret Tanning and Moisturizing Butter. 


Cleopatra's Secret





Cleo's Butter image


Our all natural body butter contains real island coconut oil, Cocoa butter and natural unrefined oils scented with the tiniest droplet of French Vanilla essential oil. The result is an incredibly delicious-smelling and skin moisturizing body creme. You will want to L-I-C-K yourself!

I tried this while out in the yard harvesting my spinach. My skin tanned beautifully and kept “moist” even though I was out in the sun for quite a while. The scent fades into a light, chocolate-y fragrance that smells almost like a choco-vanilla perfume.

Since this is a Vegan and Organic product, please be mindful that chemicals, like SPF is not added. All you get is a rich, raw oil butter for your skin!

Try a jar today and soak in the sun…the Mother Nature Way.

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