Men’s Black Pepper and Hazelnut Soap

14 Jul

We’re back from the craft fair!


We had a great time looking at (and buying) crochet blankets, homemade greeting cards, jams and jellies and eating grilled corn on the cob. We brought our handmade soaps, including our newest creation:

Men's Black Pepper And Hazelnut Soap

Men’s Black Pepper And Hazelnut Soap

What you’re looking at is a Men’s Black Pepper and Hazelnut Soap. Hmmm….I love hazelnut, don’t you? The Fresh scent of hazelnut coffee in the morning always does the trick to get me going. Real ground peppercorns and hazelnut oil went into this delicious smelling soap. Did you know that black pepper acts as an all natural astringent? Yes…it actually cleans out your pores and fights acne-causing bacteria and helps to prevent razor bumps.

This is my husband’s favorite soap…which I always have to have on hand to keep him happy (wink).

Do you have a special male friend that you’d like to surprise? Or maybe just give your honey a “love you, babe” sweet, little gift? This wonderfully mild men’s soap will definitely do the trick!

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