Lovable, Stinky, Wonderful Garlic

23 Jul

God’s Cure for everything

Love garlic?

We do! We put garlic in everything from lasagna, to soups and stews and you guessed it…soap!

We’ll be introducing our newest soap next week and we’re so excited! But first a little garlic trivia:

1. Garlic is a bulb, not a vegetable

2. The active ingredient that kills bacteria is called “Allium”

3. Garlic is an excellent food preserver

4. King Tut was stuffed with garlic and lavender to help preserve his remains

5. Shallots, onions, leek and chives are all in the garlic family

6. Garlic is revered by herbalists to “kill” cancer cells

7. Garlic can fight an asthma attack

8. One clove of garlic a day will help lower blood sugar

9. Garlic helps to prevent heart attacks

10. Garlic tea, yes…I know, can help fight cavities

That’s a LOT for a tiny bulb!

We grow ours in pots so the squirrels and rabbits can’t get to them. Stay tuned…we’re going to show you what garlic soap can do.

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