Soap of the Month: Garlic Soap for Yeast Infection

02 Aug

Garlic Soap 2

Mother Nature has given us the perfect cure-all for various diseases. That cure is none other than Garlic. This magical bulb is an all natural holistic cure for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and candida…the technical term for yeast. Our bodies have yeast naturally. But, when there’s too much of it due to medications, stress, childbirth, weight gain and other factors, the build up causes an infection.

For those of you that have ever suffered from a yeast infection, which an happen on your neck, breasts, belly-area as well as the genitals, my sympathies. I had a customer whisper to me, “What can I do? I seem to suffer from them almost monthly?” My quick answer was, “garlic.”

Allicin, one of the main ingredients in garlic, is a natural anti-fungal chemical. Since it is from nature, it won’t cause dreaded side effects. I worked hard on this holistic soap and the results are fantastic! Real garlic was used in this organic soap so it does have a mild “garlicky” scent but the fragrance DOES NOT linger on your skin. This soap is great to keep on hand “just in case.” This soap is great for daily use to keep candida away.

If you or someone you know is prone to getting infections, grab a bar and try the holistic way for a most embarrassing problem.

Only available for $5.00 at:

Note: If you think you have a serious medical problem, please see your physician.

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One response to “Soap of the Month: Garlic Soap for Yeast Infection

  1. Michelle Polacinski

    August 20, 2013 at 3:34 am

    Coconut oil can also cure yeast infections! I didn’t know about garlic, though. Awesome!


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