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Here Comes Fall


Of all the seasons fall is my favourite.

There’s nothing like the changing leaves, the crisp smell of fresh air, the coolness at night that puts me in a deep slumber and, perhaps the best part, the first time I light up the fireplace. Fall is my time to read a good book, drink hot tea, curl up and nest and slow down and enjoy life. I remember how excited I was as a small child getting ready to go to the pumpkin patch. I’d comb through dozens of pumpkins looking for the biggest, roundest, thickest pumpkin to carve.

Each year, I’d try to carve a new face into my pumpkin for Halloween and see if I could outdo myself. Then came that special, spooky night when the Monster Movie Marathon would start…I’d get the popcorn ready, the hot chocolate, the homemade snacks and curl up with a blanket and get ready to be terrified.

The afternoons were spent raking pretty, multicoloured leaves and finding straw to stuff my scarecrow. As I grew and matured and life became more “serious”, my thoughts would always travel back to growing up and enjoying the miracle of the Autumn season.

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Soap of the Month: Vanilla Fantasy

Vanilla Fantasy


Rich, smooth, sensuous, calming vanilla. Vanilla, or its bean, comes in a pod and can be boiled, grounded, mixed and blended in a vast array of foods and drinks for a delicious and holistic benefit. Vanilla is as old as time. Used for a variety of ailments, like insomnia and depression, many have sprinkled vanilla essential oils in their bath water to soothe them right before bed.

We took their cue and ran away with it!

Our vanilla-scented soap is made with real vanilla yogurt and vanilla extract for a delicious but not overpowering scent that will calm your nerves as you settle in before bed. Coconut oil and clay will give you a rich bubbly lather as it gently cleans your skin.

Try our 5 ounce bar of Vanilla Fantasy soap and drift away…Only at:

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Oatmeal Buttermilk Soap


We made this delicious smelling, lovely, oatmeal soap in buttermilk for a creamy, ultra-rich lather that you’ll love! Oatmeal, my absolute favourite grain, is a wonder-cure for almost all skin ailments like eczema, acne, dry skin, diaper rash and bug bites. Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin and say hello to softened, even toned skin with just a few uses.

This pretty oatmeal soap makes a great gift for the organic guy or gal and it comes in the entire batch consisting of a whopping 3 pounds! That’s a lotta soap! Only available at:


Our raffle is still underway! We’re looking for the 25th customer…who will it be?

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