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Sankofa Baby: A Vegan Organic Sea Salt Laundry Detergent

We finally did it! We created an all-natural laundry detergent for babies (and adults) that have such sensitive skin, they cannot use store brought detergents.


Introducing Sankofa Baby: An all natural, sea salt, organic laundry detergent.

Our detergent went through rigorous tests and passed with flying colors! Our sea salt and Castile soap recipe will get your baby’s clothes clean, fresh and leave no harmful chemicals behind to cause rashes, eczema, redness and irritation. Want a peek?

Laundry Soap

It smells heavenly! Like a fresh and mild lavender rain shower. If store brought detergents are causing havoc on your baby’s skin, try our detergent and return to nature. Only at: 


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For the Girls…A Vegan Yoni Creme

After we created our garlic soap for feminine itching and yeast infection and getting such a great response from our customers, we knew it was time to expand. Introducing Eden’s Secret: A personal creme for a woman’s most intimate part:

Yoni creme

What you are looking at is a 100% vegan, organic personal creme that:

Fights embarrassing odor

Soothes your delicate tissues during and after your menses

Absorbs excess wetness

Helps to kill yeast (candida)

Fights infection

Our personal creme is gentle, safe and effective with no harmful chemicals. With the rising cost of healthcare and the many adverse effects of chemicals and fillers, many people, especially the eco-conscious community, are shying away from store brought drugs and trying a more holistic approach to life.

Enjoy the Organic Life…Only at:

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Got Pain?

Old Man in Pain Pic



Do you feel like this?

Has pain got you down? Then try this:

OUCH! Pain Putty



SoapMuffin is proud to present: OUCH! An organic pain putty especially formulated for the health-conscious consumer. Made with my own oil-infused cayenne pepper, it gently releases a gradual heat to warm the area and give you much-needed relief.

If big-box store products are too harsh for you, this pain rub, made with all natural, garden ingredients, may be right up your alley. Come visit us at:

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Upcycled/ Recycled Hostess Apron


Like what you see?

We made this pretty utility apron from vintage, yellow, gingham fabric, an old pillowcase and a piece of African fabric. The results are a one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to be an eye catcher! When Soapmuffin decided to branch off and make “green” items from bed sheets, vintage fabrics, pillowcases, tea towels and other recycled items, we knew that we had something special in the midst.

Wear this while entertaining, cooking, at the flea market or in the garden and watch the compliments pour in. Visit us at:

For more items and of course, soap!

And remember…savior the Organic Life!

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