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Weddings on a Budget

Wedding Soap Sample


I got an email from a frantic woman.

She was getting married and wanted a non-fussy, practical, simple and affordable wedding that consisted of family and a few close friends. She was adamant that it be as “uncomplicated as possible.” She wanted to give her guests a party favor that they could physically use that wouldn’t break the bank. After suggesting various ideas, we came up with the soaps in the picture. A simple, unscented soap made from farm fresh milk.

I suggested my trademark “Tree of Life” design to add a bit of flair. She was thrilled with the results! These wedding soaps are very thick and heavy and will last through many showers and baths. Are you having an event? A wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party and need ideas? Contact me for pricing and ideas. And as always…savor the organic life!

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Beach Bum Accessories

We went to the beach…in Jamaica!

We ate grilled fish, drank Ting, ate jerk chicken, scouted the local markets for fresh fruit vendors and spent most of our time on the beach. While we were down there, our littlest one suggested finding various conch shells and making hair jewelry out of them. So that’s exactly what we did!


beach hair clips



Can you see yourself sporting one of these natural beauties with a cute halter top or a white sundress? These pretty, feminine clips will hold even the thickest hair in place and you’ll sport the hippy-chic look. Grab one today for your wardrobe or give one as a gift. For purchase, visit my other shop:

And as always, savor the organic life!

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year, we scramble to give mom something special and unique to let her know just how much she’s loved and appreciated. This year, tantalize her with these:

Baby Bath Bomb Pic 2


Calendula Lavender Bath Bombs.

Made with all natural ingredients and skin soothing calendula petals, she’ll love the calming lavender fragrance and skin soothing effects of natural sea salt. We hand craft all bath fizzies with no fillers, preservatives or harmful parabens.


FeelWell Fizzy Mint


If mom needs a bit of soul soothing, our eucalyptus-mint bath fizzies will uplift her spirits. Made fresh with real mint from my garden. Pamper mom. Make her feel special. Return to nature…with SoapMuffin.

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For the Gentlemen: A Herbal Cleanser

Adam's Elixir

Adam’s Elixir

Adam's Elixir 2



Gentlemen, you’ve ask for it and now it’s here. An herbal enema/douche for your cleansing needs. Made with my all natural lemongrass and green tea mix, this fragrant, potent, yet gentle anal cleanser will rid your cavity of:

Bodily Fluids

Condom residue

Cremes and Jellies

Impacted Fecal Matter

My lemon grass is sun-dried and grown with zero pesticides. Now your healthcare can be holistic, safe and chemical free! Only available at:

(Look under the “For Men” section)

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For the Ladies

Eden's Secret Douche 1


Our newest creation is simple. Safe. Honest. And effective.

Introducing Eden’s Secret: Herbal Vaginal Douche/ Sitz Bath Tea. Did you know that lemongrass is one of the leading holistic herbs for:

Cancer Prevention

Diabetes Management

Skin infections

Blood Cleansers

Yeast and Fungal Infections?

Our lemongrass is organically grown with no pesticides or additives in our rich Pennsylvania soil. Sun dried to perfection, it aids in helping to stop and prevent the spread of infection for your most delicate parts. Banish chemicals and return to Nature with Eden’s Secret. Only at:

Our raffle is well underway! Tell a buddy and increase your chances of winning our Sankofa Baby Laundry Detergent.


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Gear Up for the Summer

Ancestry Sugar Salt Scrub


We researched the benefits of Molasses and were thrilled at what we found.

Molasses, the dark, rich, sticky, sweet substance from boiled Cane Sugar, is an all natural humectant. It attracts moisture to your skin and rejuvenates it naturally. I concocted this delicious, dark sugar-salt scrub from Jamaican Molasses and Dead Sea Salt. A dollop of brown sugar completes the heady fragrance.

You’ll love what this sugar scrub does for your skin!

It helps to exfoliate that dry, cracked, winter skin and give you a smoother complexion with zero chemicals or fillers. Our sugar scrub is made fresh to order and smells fantastic. Makes a great and affordable Mother’s Day gift. Visit our holistic shop and feast your eyes on our organic products.

Only at:

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Sankofa Baby: Vegan Oatmeal Bath Fizzy

Sankofa Baby Bath Bomb


Can you smell the oatmeal-y goodness? My best friend came over and ask me, “How do I get rid of my son’s diaper rash without all that ointment?” Introducing our newest creation: Sankofa Baby: Organic Colloidal Bath Fizzy. Made with real Shea Butter and my absolute favourite product for rashes, oatmeal, our all-natural bath bombs will make bath time fun and healing!

Does your baby, or any adult, suffer from dry, itchy skin or have a painful rash? Our vegan formula will help to dry up that painful rash the natural way with zero chemicals or side effects. No fillers or colorants are ever added to our bath fizzies. Grab one or two today and get back to nature!

Only at

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