We Have Our First Winner!

Congrats to S.M. from the grand state of Texas for purchasing the “winning order.” She was the 25th customer and the happy winner of a pound of our Sankofa Vegan Baby Laundry Detergent:

Laundry Soap


Our Castile based laundry soap is made with filtered rainwater and our own Castile Soap recipe. Lavender oils add to the mild, fresh fragrance. Are you so sensitive that using “natural” store brought laundry detergents cause you to break out in the “itchies?” Does your baby have eczema or extremely sensitive skin, so much so, that they cannot use Dreft?

Our SLS-FREE soap will get your clothes clean and fresh with zero harmful chemicals!

We’re looking for our 50th customer…could it be you?

Would you like to see our next raffle giveaway after this one is over???? Take a peek…






This delicious, lip smacking set includes:

1- 5 ounce Chocolate Soap

1- 1 ounce Choco-Mint Lotion Bar

1- .15 ounce Isis Chocolate LipStain

You’ll bask in chocolate-y goodness with the set while upholding our Green Living Standard. Pass this on to as many friends as possible. You never know, the next winner could be you.

And and always…Savor the Organic Life…with SoapMuffin!

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Lady Pompadour Organic Hair Smoothie

lady pompadour pomade


SoapMuffin’s Organic Hair Smoothie is made with organic beeswax, fresh garden herbs and raw Mango Butter for an absolutely delicious and nutritious hair experience. Easily absorbed and fresh smelling, it will tame those fly-a-ways as it leaves your strands sexy, silken and oh-so-soft!

Go ahead…run your fingers through your hair. Use that hot iron. With Lady Pompadour, your hair will be nourished…the natural way. 2 ounces in each jar. Would you like to purchase this for yourself or to give as a gift? It’s super affordable! Click below:

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Calling All Vegan Mommies and Dads

SoapMuffin is proud to present Happy Monkey Vegan Baby Balm:


happy monkey pic 1



Our vegan, organic baby balm is handmade by me with your littlest one in mind. My absolute favourite herb, Peppermint, is the main anti-bacterial agent. Peppermint’s cooling agent, menthol, is both soothing to the skin and acts as a “drying agent” with zero harsh chemicals. I infused my own peppermint leaves from my garden with skin nourishing Shea and Mango butters for a rich yet easily dissolved crème you’ll love.

Our all natural product smells wonderful…light and fresh with no artificial scents that can hurt baby’s tender skin. This crème leaves behind no white residue and is small enough to tuck into your pocketbook, overnight bag, airplane carry-on or a tiny diaper bag.

Since zero preservatives are used, please use within 6 months. Will melt in the sun. Grab yours today and Return to Nature…with SoapMuffin!

To purchase, click below:

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SoapMuffin is Proud to Partner with Ecocentric Mom

What is ecocentric mom?

“Ecocentric Mom is a unique subscription service. We focus on healthy, natural, organic products exclusively for moms, moms-to-be, and babies. Your box will be packed with natural and eco-friendly goodies from businesses that care for the planet and our health.”

Ecocentric mom reached out to us and asked us to be apart of their May/June Mom-to-be boxes and we were thrilled and deeply humbled by the request. We love partnering with other earth-friendly, organic companies that wish to leave the planet with a smaller carbon footprint. They asked us to supply them with this:


Ancestry Shampoo Bar

Ancestry Shampoo Bar

Our very popular Ancestry Shampoo bar is a customer favorite! Made with over 35 ounces of raw coconut milk, real garden herbs and Rhassoul Clay,it leaves your hair clean, silky and fresh with no additives or parabens. We’re thrilled at the reception we’ve received.

Are you looking for a great way to try new products? Check out Ecocentric Mom’s Website and get back to nature!

To purchase our Ancestry Shampoo, click below:

“Savor the Organic Life!”

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It’s Officially Summer and Wedding Season is in Full Swing

We designed this pretty, feminine soap-scrub for a Bridal Shower:



It’s a Himalayan Sea Salt and Citrus Beauty Bar. This soap is divine! Made with real grated citrus fruits and a healthy dash of dead sea salt, it tightens pores, fights blemishes, sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves you soft and glowing! Are you having a Bridal shower and need affordable yet functional gifts for your girls? Visit us today and “Return to Nature…with SoapMuffin.”

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Lord of the Rings Woodland Fantasy Wedding

Lord of the Rings Wedding Soap


Lord of the Rings Wedding Soap2



birds nest ring holder


I got an email from a bride-to-be. She wanted to get married in the woods like her favourite characters in the popular movie Lord of the Rings:


lord of the rings movie pic

She told me she already had the dress and the location but needed to “finish” off her look. I came up with a rustic woodland soap of orange pekoe with whole cloves smoked in Texas Cedar. The scent is mild, a bit masculine and utterly delicious! Unscented for sensitive skin, the lather is thick and rich. Whole cloves exfoliate the skin naturally and the faint scent of cedar is a pleasing unisex fragrance. The handcrafted bird’s nest I made for her ring bearer completed the look.

When I showed her the finished product, she swooned!

Are you having a wedding? Would you like something made just for your theme? Contact us at:

And we’ll get your fantasy up and running!

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Buttermilk Soap for Delicate Skin

Summer is here!

Time for barbecues, swimming, tanning and lounging around in the sun. Our newest soap, which a lovely bride to be ordered, is composed of rich, creamy buttermilk…an all natural skin soother.


Buttermilk Soap


Deliciously scented of rich buttermilk, it boasts Cocoa and Shea Butter with a dash of sweet almond oil for extra skin nourishment. Grab yours today or order as a gift for that special someone. Only at:

We’re almost there with our 25th customer! Who will it be?

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