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Protect Your Pet…The Natural Way

Animal Shampoo Set

Birch Tar Soap

A customer came up to me at a craft fair to tell me her dog had “bald spots.” She tried doggie shampoo from the vet and various chemicals to combat his affliction but nothing worked. I explained to her that parabens, polysorbate and aluminum were just a few of the chemical compounds in animal shampoo. They seep into his skin, entering his bloodstream and cause bald spots, itching, allergic reactions and attract fleas.

I gave her a bar of our Animal Shampoo called Birch Tar and told her to let me know after a couple of weeks if it worked. She was pleased. Birch Tar is made from the dry distillation of the bark of birch trees. People have benefited from the restorative qualities of birch tar for centuries. Acne, eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff, and itchy skin have all been successfully treated with birch tar, and because of the naturally occurring salicylic acid (an organic plant hormone) and methyl salicylate (an organic ester)  in birch tar, it acts as a natural exfoliator that sloughs off dead skin and tones new skin.

Birch tar is also an excellent diuretic; it is used for body detoxification and cleansing. It helps enhance the body’s blood circulation and prevents toxins from collecting in muscles and skin. Birch tar can even be applied to small cuts and wounds to prevent infections and speed up the healing process because of it’s disinfectant and antiseptic properties.

Our all natural Birch Tar Soap is a stellar way to keep your furry loved one clean and healthy. If he or she just needs a gentle but effective organic cleanser, our Woof and Hoof Set is made with green tea extract to ensure a shiny coat. Try our Doggie…or Kitten, care line today and get back to nature!Only at:


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10 Reasons To Buy Organic Soaps

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Woof 'N Hoof: Animal Set

Woof ‘N Hoof: Animal Set

Peppermint Patty Soap

Peppermint Patty Soap

1. Organic soaps feel great on your skin and hair

2. By buying organic, you leave a smaller carbon footprint on Mother Earth

3. You show support and appreciation for craft makers

4. Organic soaps have no parabens or polysorbate, which can lead to cancer

5. Organic soaps make great gifts for birthdays and holidays or any other special occasion

6. Almost every one has gone “green”. When will you join?

7. You take a stance against big box stores and factory made products

8. Organic soaps are made fresh with raw oils and nut butters that nourish your skin

9. Organic soaps reduce health and skin related allergens caused by “fillers” like aluminum

10. Organic farmers strive to preserve the environment by not using pesticides or GMO products

At Soapmuffin, our skilled soapmakers have been making soaps for decades. They use the freshest ingredients like buttermilk, goat milk, coconut creme and real nut butters for an incredibly rich lather. Once you’ve tried a soapmuffin, you’ll want another one!

Come visit our store where you’ll find soaps like: Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie, Masculinity for Men, Ancestry Soap for Dry, Brittle Hair and much, much more!

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