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SoapMuffin is Proud to Partner with Ecocentric Mom

What is ecocentric mom?

“Ecocentric Mom is a unique subscription service. We focus on healthy, natural, organic products exclusively for moms, moms-to-be, and babies. Your box will be packed with natural and eco-friendly goodies from businesses that care for the planet and our health.”

Ecocentric mom reached out to us and asked us to be apart of their May/June Mom-to-be boxes and we were thrilled and deeply humbled by the request. We love partnering with other earth-friendly, organic companies that wish to leave the planet with a smaller carbon footprint. They asked us to supply them with this:


Ancestry Shampoo Bar

Ancestry Shampoo Bar

Our very popular Ancestry Shampoo bar is a customer favorite! Made with over 35 ounces of raw coconut milk, real garden herbs and Rhassoul Clay,it leaves your hair clean, silky and fresh with no additives or parabens. We’re thrilled at the reception we’ve received.

Are you looking for a great way to try new products? Check out Ecocentric Mom’s Website and get back to nature!

To purchase our Ancestry Shampoo, click below:

“Savor the Organic Life!”

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Sankofa Baby: Vegan Oatmeal Bath Fizzy

Sankofa Baby Bath Bomb


Can you smell the oatmeal-y goodness? My best friend came over and ask me, “How do I get rid of my son’s diaper rash without all that ointment?” Introducing our newest creation: Sankofa Baby: Organic Colloidal Bath Fizzy. Made with real Shea Butter and my absolute favourite product for rashes, oatmeal, our all-natural bath bombs will make bath time fun and healing!

Does your baby, or any adult, suffer from dry, itchy skin or have a painful rash? Our vegan formula will help to dry up that painful rash the natural way with zero chemicals or side effects. No fillers or colorants are ever added to our bath fizzies. Grab one or two today and get back to nature!

Only at

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A Special Thanks To Our Organic Loving Customers

plants growing from a seed



We’ve been a bit busy lately. We got our first order to cater a bridal shower and we’re thrilled! When we first started making holistic products, we never expected business to pick up the way it has. We knew that catering to a specific market would be challenging. The farmers and gardeners at SoapMuffin would like to thank all of you for your support and kind words.

If you’re still on the fence about all-natural products and what they have to offer, allow us to sway you. The general rule of thumb at our family-run company is this: If it doesn’t come from nature, don’t use it. That means fresh fruit and vegetable purees, fresh milk and all natural butters. The results are a clean, earth friendly, organic and holistic shop that you can trust and feel about.

If you are having a party, gathering, bridal shower or any other special event, consider us and get back to nature…with SoapMuffin.


P.S. Our newest gift raffle is well underway! Visit our shop for more information.

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Our New Upcycled Line of Vintage Items

Ok….so it’s been awhile. Since our Black Friday deals, we’ve been M.I.A so what have we been up to? Well, for starters, we got snowed in…a LOT and had to hunker down next to the fireplace with some homemade hot chocolate. And second…in keeping up with our green/ organic lifestyle, we launched a new line of upcycled items called Pearlie’s Vintage Corner!

We use vintage bedsheets, tablecloths and vintage trim to make pretty sleep hats and aprons and boy, oh, boy are they fun to make! We’ve been having a blast coming up with new ideas and fun patterns. I hope you’ll take a look at my new shop and love it as much as we do!

By the way…just a little peek to wet your appetite:

Vintage Apron

Like what you see?

There’s more at our shop! And as always…

Savor the Organic Life at:

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Raffle Giveaway

When we decided to advertise our holiday raffle giveaway, we never expected the kind of results we’ve gotten. Sales picked up, questions about herbs, roots, butters and spices came in and one letter from a happy customer informing me that our Shea Butter Oatmeal Salve helped to stop her painful eczema rash and itching warmed my heart. We’re floored…and grateful for the positive feedback.

We’re up to number 22 in our raffle. Only 3 more to go to reach number 25 and some lucky customer will win one of our gift sets.

Holiday Gift Sets



We’ll surprise the 25th customer with 4 of our most luxurious, skin soothing soaps just as away of saying, “thanks…” for supporting the Farming community. To purchase, click on the link below.

Good luck!

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Oatmeal Buttermilk Soap


We made this delicious smelling, lovely, oatmeal soap in buttermilk for a creamy, ultra-rich lather that you’ll love! Oatmeal, my absolute favourite grain, is a wonder-cure for almost all skin ailments like eczema, acne, dry skin, diaper rash and bug bites. Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin and say hello to softened, even toned skin with just a few uses.

This pretty oatmeal soap makes a great gift for the organic guy or gal and it comes in the entire batch consisting of a whopping 3 pounds! That’s a lotta soap! Only available at:


Our raffle is still underway! We’re looking for the 25th customer…who will it be?

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10 Reasons To Buy Organic Soaps

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Woof 'N Hoof: Animal Set

Woof ‘N Hoof: Animal Set

Peppermint Patty Soap

Peppermint Patty Soap

1. Organic soaps feel great on your skin and hair

2. By buying organic, you leave a smaller carbon footprint on Mother Earth

3. You show support and appreciation for craft makers

4. Organic soaps have no parabens or polysorbate, which can lead to cancer

5. Organic soaps make great gifts for birthdays and holidays or any other special occasion

6. Almost every one has gone “green”. When will you join?

7. You take a stance against big box stores and factory made products

8. Organic soaps are made fresh with raw oils and nut butters that nourish your skin

9. Organic soaps reduce health and skin related allergens caused by “fillers” like aluminum

10. Organic farmers strive to preserve the environment by not using pesticides or GMO products

At Soapmuffin, our skilled soapmakers have been making soaps for decades. They use the freshest ingredients like buttermilk, goat milk, coconut creme and real nut butters for an incredibly rich lather. Once you’ve tried a soapmuffin, you’ll want another one!

Come visit our store where you’ll find soaps like: Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie, Masculinity for Men, Ancestry Soap for Dry, Brittle Hair and much, much more!

Only at

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Memories of My Childhood on the Farm

Oatmeal soap

My family works with our hands. We’ve relied on our skills in carpentry, fishing, steel construction, farming, sewing and yes, soap making, to live and thrive. We love it. I can remember when I was little and used to watch my mom cook in our kitchen, preparing delicious meals with the food grown from our farm. I remember her singing songs as she pinned our clothes on the clothes line outside. How I long for those tender, wistful memories.

Doesn’t time seem to fly nowadays?

No one seems to have the time anymore to do anything handmade. Furniture is made in cookie-cutter factories instead of in our garages where craftsmanship and quality was key. Clothes are made in sweatshops instead of by a loving aunt or grandma who took your measurements. And our food…


Instead of fresh, organically grown blueberries, strawberries and huckleberries that waited to be placed in a scrumptious pie or cake, we now have blueberries in a can, dripping with a too-sweet, sticky substance they tell us is “syrup.” How I long for the simpler days when families ate meals together and the TV was NOT center stage.

You know what I remember fondly?

The excitement of boiling tea leaves for our peppermint or lavender soap. It was an entire process! Picking the leaves, boiling them, straining them, letting the water cool down and deciding which soap was going to get the fragrant lavender water. At SoapMuffin, we hope to give you fond memories of a bygone era where things were a bit less complicated and quality mattered. We made very small batches of our soaps to ensure quality.

All of our handcrafted soaps are made fresh with real tea, buttermilk, goat milk, chocolate (yes…chocolate!) and Shea Butter from Ghana. Our little farm works hard to give each customer the best in skin care. Try one of our “muffins” today and feel the difference on your skin.

Only at: 

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Skin Facts on Oatmeal

Skin Nourishing Oatmeal

Did you know that Oatmeal can aid with:


Poison Ivy



Dry Skin



SoapMuffin’s all natural soap will help with skin ailments…the way Mother Nature intended.

Oatmeal soap

For more info visit

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