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Weddings on a Budget

Wedding Soap Sample


I got an email from a frantic woman.

She was getting married and wanted a non-fussy, practical, simple and affordable wedding that consisted of family and a few close friends. She was adamant that it be as “uncomplicated as possible.” She wanted to give her guests a party favor that they could physically use that wouldn’t break the bank. After suggesting various ideas, we came up with the soaps in the picture. A simple, unscented soap made from farm fresh milk.

I suggested my trademark “Tree of Life” design to add a bit of flair. She was thrilled with the results! These wedding soaps are very thick and heavy and will last through many showers and baths. Are you having an event? A wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party and need ideas? Contact me for pricing and ideas. And as always…savor the organic life!

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A Special Thanks To Our Organic Loving Customers

plants growing from a seed



We’ve been a bit busy lately. We got our first order to cater a bridal shower and we’re thrilled! When we first started making holistic products, we never expected business to pick up the way it has. We knew that catering to a specific market would be challenging. The farmers and gardeners at SoapMuffin would like to thank all of you for your support and kind words.

If you’re still on the fence about all-natural products and what they have to offer, allow us to sway you. The general rule of thumb at our family-run company is this: If it doesn’t come from nature, don’t use it. That means fresh fruit and vegetable purees, fresh milk and all natural butters. The results are a clean, earth friendly, organic and holistic shop that you can trust and feel about.

If you are having a party, gathering, bridal shower or any other special event, consider us and get back to nature…with SoapMuffin.


P.S. Our newest gift raffle is well underway! Visit our shop for more information.

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