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Soap on a Rope

Remember Soap on a Rope? We do!


soap on a rope


We updated this classic soap with Mango butter, olive oil, milk, Colombian coffee and a sweet dash of aloe. This pretty, rustic, natural soap bar will get your skin clean and moisturized while the fresh, light scent of real brewed coffee awakens your senses. The lather is thick, rich and uber luxurious. Soooooo….who uses soap on a rope?



Dorm room students

Or anyone who likes “old fashioned” charming products! Available in 5 ounce singles or in a 3-pack gift set. Tied with a pretty, natural jute cord and wrapped in eco-friendly recycled paper. Makes a cool and affordable gift for all occasions! Grab yours today at:



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James Taylor

This was playing on the radio on our way home from the fair.

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Ancestry Vegan Deodorant Yogurt


We’ve been working on an organic, vegan deodorant for a while now. When we learned that store brought deodorants are filled with cancer causing additives, like aluminum, we knew that our family’s safety had to come first. The trick was to create an all natural balm that:

Fought odor

Wicks away wetness

Didn’t stain your clothes

Smelled good

And was unisex

Boy…was that a tall order!!!

Batch after batch was made until we came to a consensus. This deodorant balm is fantastic! We tried it out on the farm while planting bulbs and pulling up weeds. It did not disappoint. Our balm comes in a 6 ounce jar and is made with real Ghanaian Shea butter, baking soda, coconut oil, olive oil and a tiny drop of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is a well known anti-bacterial holistic aid. The Shea butter will keep your underarm smooth and help to ease any razor burns.

We love this balm and I’m sure you will too. You may be wondering how to apply this, right? Since it’s all natural, simply scoop up a little with your fingers and apply it in the center of your armpit. It dissolves quickly and easily and smells great!

Grab one today and return to nature.

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SweetMilk Clay Soap

Sweet Milk Clay Soap

Sweet Milk Clay Soap

With the summer heat, is your face oily and sweating? Are you worried about pimples and breaking out? SoapMuffin has the remedy for that. Sweet Milk Clay Soap! It’s our newest creation and we’re very proud. Clay is an old Egyptian secret, much like goat’s milk, for clear, beautiful skin. Clay actually absorbs oil from your pores and washes it away leaving you with a shine free complexion.

Did you also know that clay is the main ingredient used in mud masks?

You don’t have to go very far or spend very much for organic facial care. At 3.00 a bar, you can grab a few to keep that summer shine at bay!

Only at

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Memories of My Childhood on the Farm

Oatmeal soap

My family works with our hands. We’ve relied on our skills in carpentry, fishing, steel construction, farming, sewing and yes, soap making, to live and thrive. We love it. I can remember when I was little and used to watch my mom cook in our kitchen, preparing delicious meals with the food grown from our farm. I remember her singing songs as she pinned our clothes on the clothes line outside. How I long for those tender, wistful memories.

Doesn’t time seem to fly nowadays?

No one seems to have the time anymore to do anything handmade. Furniture is made in cookie-cutter factories instead of in our garages where craftsmanship and quality was key. Clothes are made in sweatshops instead of by a loving aunt or grandma who took your measurements. And our food…


Instead of fresh, organically grown blueberries, strawberries and huckleberries that waited to be placed in a scrumptious pie or cake, we now have blueberries in a can, dripping with a too-sweet, sticky substance they tell us is “syrup.” How I long for the simpler days when families ate meals together and the TV was NOT center stage.

You know what I remember fondly?

The excitement of boiling tea leaves for our peppermint or lavender soap. It was an entire process! Picking the leaves, boiling them, straining them, letting the water cool down and deciding which soap was going to get the fragrant lavender water. At SoapMuffin, we hope to give you fond memories of a bygone era where things were a bit less complicated and quality mattered. We made very small batches of our soaps to ensure quality.

All of our handcrafted soaps are made fresh with real tea, buttermilk, goat milk, chocolate (yes…chocolate!) and Shea Butter from Ghana. Our little farm works hard to give each customer the best in skin care. Try one of our “muffins” today and feel the difference on your skin.

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