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Organic Baby Shower Gifts

Balloons Gift Set

Balloons Gift Set



Baby Soap in Bulk



Having a baby shower and don’t quite know what to bring? Our Balloons Gift Set is going like hot bread! In this cute and affordable gift set, you’ll get 10 Teddy Bears made with my special Castile Soap Recipe. Castile soap, known for its mildness, will soothe baby’s tender skin with zero additives or dangerous chemicals.

Grab a bag or two and give to an expectant mommy! Only at:

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Vegan Organic Shaving Creme

Shaving cream 2


My husband inspired me to make this delicious, thick, creamy, vegan creme. After hearing many shouts and grunts coming from the bathroom during his morning routine, I knew it was time to make him something special. I formulated this rich creme from raw Cocoa Butter and my own soap recipe. Whipped to a delightful confection, it glides smoothly over the toughest whiskers and leaves your skin soft and supple!

Now instead of grunts, I hear…nothing. Ahhhhhhh……

If shaving is a pain in the butt and it leaves you with harsh razor burn, try our vegan shaving putty. Return to nature…with SoapMuffin.

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Beach Bum Accessories

We went to the beach…in Jamaica!

We ate grilled fish, drank Ting, ate jerk chicken, scouted the local markets for fresh fruit vendors and spent most of our time on the beach. While we were down there, our littlest one suggested finding various conch shells and making hair jewelry out of them. So that’s exactly what we did!


beach hair clips



Can you see yourself sporting one of these natural beauties with a cute halter top or a white sundress? These pretty, feminine clips will hold even the thickest hair in place and you’ll sport the hippy-chic look. Grab one today for your wardrobe or give one as a gift. For purchase, visit my other shop:

And as always, savor the organic life!

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Sankofa Baby: Vegan Oatmeal Bath Fizzy

Sankofa Baby Bath Bomb


Can you smell the oatmeal-y goodness? My best friend came over and ask me, “How do I get rid of my son’s diaper rash without all that ointment?” Introducing our newest creation: Sankofa Baby: Organic Colloidal Bath Fizzy. Made with real Shea Butter and my absolute favourite product for rashes, oatmeal, our all-natural bath bombs will make bath time fun and healing!

Does your baby, or any adult, suffer from dry, itchy skin or have a painful rash? Our vegan formula will help to dry up that painful rash the natural way with zero chemicals or side effects. No fillers or colorants are ever added to our bath fizzies. Grab one or two today and get back to nature!

Only at

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For Those That Live Off the Grid

Our organic laundry detergent was a smashing success! We’ve gotten great feedback on how well it cleans but also one concern:

What about those that live off the grid and have no washing machines? Well…since you asked…


Introducing our newest line: CleanWell CakeSoap/ Stain stick for Dishes and Laundry.

Our specialty blend of citrus oils were used in this rich foaming lather. Garden grown herbs were added to help lift stains from your clothes and remove food odors. We added a “scrubber” side to our cake soap made from dead sea salt for maximum cleaning effect.


Your clothes will smell fresh and your dishes will be sparkling clean! Go natural with SoapMuffin’s Cake Soap. Only at: 

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Sankofa Baby: A Vegan Organic Sea Salt Laundry Detergent

We finally did it! We created an all-natural laundry detergent for babies (and adults) that have such sensitive skin, they cannot use store brought detergents.


Introducing Sankofa Baby: An all natural, sea salt, organic laundry detergent.

Our detergent went through rigorous tests and passed with flying colors! Our sea salt and Castile soap recipe will get your baby’s clothes clean, fresh and leave no harmful chemicals behind to cause rashes, eczema, redness and irritation. Want a peek?

Laundry Soap

It smells heavenly! Like a fresh and mild lavender rain shower. If store brought detergents are causing havoc on your baby’s skin, try our detergent and return to nature. Only at: 


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Upcycled/ Recycled Hostess Apron


Like what you see?

We made this pretty utility apron from vintage, yellow, gingham fabric, an old pillowcase and a piece of African fabric. The results are a one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to be an eye catcher! When Soapmuffin decided to branch off and make “green” items from bed sheets, vintage fabrics, pillowcases, tea towels and other recycled items, we knew that we had something special in the midst.

Wear this while entertaining, cooking, at the flea market or in the garden and watch the compliments pour in. Visit us at:

For more items and of course, soap!

And remember…savior the Organic Life!

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