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Soap on a Rope

Remember Soap on a Rope? We do!


soap on a rope


We updated this classic soap with Mango butter, olive oil, milk, Colombian coffee and a sweet dash of aloe. This pretty, rustic, natural soap bar will get your skin clean and moisturized while the fresh, light scent of real brewed coffee awakens your senses. The lather is thick, rich and uber luxurious. Soooooo….who uses soap on a rope?



Dorm room students

Or anyone who likes “old fashioned” charming products! Available in 5 ounce singles or in a 3-pack gift set. Tied with a pretty, natural jute cord and wrapped in eco-friendly recycled paper. Makes a cool and affordable gift for all occasions! Grab yours today at:



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Lady Pompadour Organic Hair Smoothie

lady pompadour pomade


SoapMuffin’s Organic Hair Smoothie is made with organic beeswax, fresh garden herbs and raw Mango Butter for an absolutely delicious and nutritious hair experience. Easily absorbed and fresh smelling, it will tame those fly-a-ways as it leaves your strands sexy, silken and oh-so-soft!

Go ahead…run your fingers through your hair. Use that hot iron. With Lady Pompadour, your hair will be nourished…the natural way. 2 ounces in each jar. Would you like to purchase this for yourself or to give as a gift? It’s super affordable! Click below:

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Our New Upcycled Line of Vintage Items

Ok….so it’s been awhile. Since our Black Friday deals, we’ve been M.I.A so what have we been up to? Well, for starters, we got snowed in…a LOT and had to hunker down next to the fireplace with some homemade hot chocolate. And second…in keeping up with our green/ organic lifestyle, we launched a new line of upcycled items called Pearlie’s Vintage Corner!

We use vintage bedsheets, tablecloths and vintage trim to make pretty sleep hats and aprons and boy, oh, boy are they fun to make! We’ve been having a blast coming up with new ideas and fun patterns. I hope you’ll take a look at my new shop and love it as much as we do!

By the way…just a little peek to wet your appetite:

Vintage Apron

Like what you see?

There’s more at our shop! And as always…

Savor the Organic Life at:

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Here Comes Fall


Of all the seasons fall is my favourite.

There’s nothing like the changing leaves, the crisp smell of fresh air, the coolness at night that puts me in a deep slumber and, perhaps the best part, the first time I light up the fireplace. Fall is my time to read a good book, drink hot tea, curl up and nest and slow down and enjoy life. I remember how excited I was as a small child getting ready to go to the pumpkin patch. I’d comb through dozens of pumpkins looking for the biggest, roundest, thickest pumpkin to carve.

Each year, I’d try to carve a new face into my pumpkin for Halloween and see if I could outdo myself. Then came that special, spooky night when the Monster Movie Marathon would start…I’d get the popcorn ready, the hot chocolate, the homemade snacks and curl up with a blanket and get ready to be terrified.

The afternoons were spent raking pretty, multicoloured leaves and finding straw to stuff my scarecrow. As I grew and matured and life became more “serious”, my thoughts would always travel back to growing up and enjoying the miracle of the Autumn season.

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Oatmeal Buttermilk Soap


We made this delicious smelling, lovely, oatmeal soap in buttermilk for a creamy, ultra-rich lather that you’ll love! Oatmeal, my absolute favourite grain, is a wonder-cure for almost all skin ailments like eczema, acne, dry skin, diaper rash and bug bites. Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin and say hello to softened, even toned skin with just a few uses.

This pretty oatmeal soap makes a great gift for the organic guy or gal and it comes in the entire batch consisting of a whopping 3 pounds! That’s a lotta soap! Only available at:


Our raffle is still underway! We’re looking for the 25th customer…who will it be?

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Coconut Oil: A SoapMaker’s Miracle

Organic Coconut Oil

When I traveled with my family throughout the islands, we were blessed to have raw, fresh, unspoiled coconut oil, coconut water and coconut milk to purchase right from the market square. The taste is incomparable to anything we’ve ever tasted. Smooth, rich and thick, it seemed to pop up everywhere. In drinks, in rice dishes, in seafood sauces and, of course, in soaps.

We love coconut oil.

It’s a soap maker’s gift from God. Coconut oil, and it’s milk and water, is so beneficial to the skin, it’s almost unbelievable. It coats and seals in moisture, it helps to heal wounds and scarring, it enriches your hair with vitamins making it silky and thick…I could go on and on about Nature’s finest fruit. At SoapMuffin, we use raw coconut oil and milk in our soaps for an incredibly rich lather. We had a customer from the craft fair who emailed us regarding the Ancestry Shampoo for Dry and Brittle Hair.

Not only did her hair “behave” (her words) in this very hot July summer, but it smelled so good, she now uses it as a regular bar of soap! Our products are made with the discerning consumer in mind. Real oils, real butters, real milks…all for a wonderful bath/ shower experience.

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Ancestry Shampoo Bar for dry, brittle hair

Visit us for more information at:

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Acne: What Is It? And HOW Do You Get Rid of It?

Despite what doctors say, acne is a complicated medical condition that affects MILLIONS of teens, young adults and older adults well into the golden years. Acne, also called acne pustules or acne rosacea (redness) or simply “bumps” are the result of clogged pores from:

Dead skin cells

Debris/ Dirt

Oils from the face and body

“But what causes it and how do I get rid of it?” My organically-aware customers are always asking us how to get rid of it. Here’s the scoop. Acne is caused AND made worse by:


Bad/ Poor diet (sorry it’s true)



Air pollutants

Doctors like to claim that acne and food do not correlate but that’s not true! What you eat is the number one precursor of good health! That’s why organic foods and all natural products are the way to go. If you eat junk, your body secretes junk. It’s that simple, folks.

Organically grown foods with no pesticides or parabens, which can cause cancer and skin allergies/ reactions, are a great way to:

Support the farming community

Take care of Mother Nature

Take care of yourself and your family

Fight illness and disease WITHOUT harmful drugs

Acne is a disease. You cannot fight a disease with a chemical that causes MORE disease. You fight disease naturally with antioxidants from natural foods and products. Try our Garden Tomato Clear Complexion Soap made with real garden grown tomatoes. Eat more fresh, GMO-free fruits and vegetables and drink more water NOT soda. Your skin will be hydrated and your body will immediately feel the difference.

Tomato Soap

Our soaps are made fresh with no preservatives. Even though we never claim to cure any illness, using organic products like our tomato soap and an improved diet will make your skin healither, smoother and clearer.

Only at

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Tomatoes: Mother Nature’s Fruit Called a “Vegetable”

Tomato Soap

Soooo…as you know, July is “Garden Tomato Soap Month.” Here’s a little fun info on this fruit called a vegetable:

1. A tomato plant can grow up to 10 feet

2. Produces fruit with red, pink, orange, green, yellow and black skins

3. Plum tomatoes are often eaten as “candy” in South America

4. California produces 90% of the United States’ tomato production

5. Active ingredient is “lycopene” which is Mother Nature’s antioxidant


That’s a lot for a small fruit!

Image what it will do for your skin. Check us out at for our Garden Tomato Clear Skin Soap. More to come fans…

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Soap of the Month: Garden Tomato Clear Complexion

Tomato Soap

Yeah…yeah…I know what you’re thinking….It’s not July yet!

I know but I’m so excited to bring you this new and fantastic tomato soap that I just can’t wait! Did I tell you that I grow my herbs, fruits and vegetables myself? Yep, you read it correct, folks. I’m a gardener and a proud one at that. Since I love food (maybe a little too much? lol) and my folks are farmers and tradesmen/tradeswomen, I decided to incorporate my favourite fruit ( tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable ) into an organic soap to help my customers with the one thing I hear over and over again….

“Can you make something for acne?”

Now, don’t misunderstand me.

Acne is a complicated illness due to several factors. I’ll go more into it in my next post. But…tomatoes can help to kill harmful acne-causing bacteria. Try our garden fresh soap and feel the difference of farm-fresh products.

Only available at

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Soap of the Month: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Hmmmm….what could be nicer than a warm bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg? The skilled soap makers at SoapMuffin handcrafted this pretty soap with breakfast in mind. A Generous sprinkle of finely-milled oatmeal went into this honey and buttermilk soap to give you a very pleasing showering experience.

Did you know that Mother Nature’s best kept skin moisturizer is honey?

Yes. Honey is what we call a humectant. That simply means it locks in moisture. Buttermilk and oatmeal will slough off dead skin cells for a clear, bright even complexion. Try our oatmeal soap today and feel the difference of organic products!

Oatmeal soap

Only available at

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