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Ancestry DentaEarth: A Natural Toothputty




When we researched the benefits of oil pulling, a way of removing toxins from the body by swishing oil around the mouth, we knew that an oil-based toothpaste was in order. We used real herbs from my garden with organic coconut oil and sea salt for an earthy, fresh and chemical free putty. The results are a mild, not-too-sweet, not-too-salty, gentle toothpaste even children will love.

Fluoride, as you know, is a dangerous chemical that causes a slew of cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and is known to decrease brain function. SoapMuffin’s Toothputty has zero chemicals and uses coconut oil as an all natural anti-bacterial agent to help stop “pockets” from forming along the gum line. If other natural toothpastes are too harsh or too salty for your taste, try ours and return to nature.

NOTE: This oil based toothputty washes very clean. Simply wash your toothbrush with soap and water after usage.

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For Those That Live Off the Grid

Our organic laundry detergent was a smashing success! We’ve gotten great feedback on how well it cleans but also one concern:

What about those that live off the grid and have no washing machines? Well…since you asked…


Introducing our newest line: CleanWell CakeSoap/ Stain stick for Dishes and Laundry.

Our specialty blend of citrus oils were used in this rich foaming lather. Garden grown herbs were added to help lift stains from your clothes and remove food odors. We added a “scrubber” side to our cake soap made from dead sea salt for maximum cleaning effect.


Your clothes will smell fresh and your dishes will be sparkling clean! Go natural with SoapMuffin’s Cake Soap. Only at: 

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GetWell Canker Sore Salve

canker sore cartoon


Have pain? Is a canker or cold sore( herpes simplex I ) causing you embarrassment and discomfort? Try our 100% vegan creme made from cinnamon bark:


Canker sore creme


Hand whipped into a creamy salve, this thick Shea Butter creme is safe for use inside the mouth, tongue and teeth as well on the lips. Cinnamon is a wonderful yet gentle antiseptic and analgesic for pain and sores. Use this to lessen the symptoms of painful sores and to prevent existing sores from getting worse. Only at:


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