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Chocolate Lovers Paradise

Death by Chocolate Soap

Death by Chocolate Soap

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Who doesn’t drool at the sight of rich, silky, decadent, dark chocolate? I know I’ve had a love affair with this addictive treat since childhood. So we decided to take it one step further:

Chocolate Soap!

We made our famously decadent soap in rich buttermilk, creamy Dutch chocolate and a pinch of cocoa butter for a sinfully rich showering experience! Chocolate is an all-natural skin moisturizer, called an emollient, so it “traps” in moisture and locks it in. Our soap will soothe your chocolate cravings with no calories. It rinses off clean so no need to worry about stickiness or an “after feel.” All you’ll get is a fat-free treat…in the shower.

Grab one today as a gift for a chocolate lover at:

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For Your Furry Friends

Woof 'N Hoof: Animal Set

Woof ‘N Hoof: Animal Set


Your pet is as much apart of the family as anyone else so why not give them the best? Woof ‘n Hoof is made with 100% Extra virgin olive oil and green tea. This rich, mild yet gentle sudsy lather will get your pet squeaky clean with no irritation to his or her skin. This animal soap set is ideal for pets that suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. Did you know that commercial dog and cat shampoo is laden with allergens that actually cause itching? This all natural set includes a doggie bone, an animal paw and a pretty flower shaped soap…all for the pampered pet.

This works well on other animals too, like hamsters, birds and all farm animals that need grooming…the organic way. Grab a set today and show your pet you care.

Only at

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Lovable, Stinky, Wonderful Garlic

God’s Cure for everything

Love garlic?

We do! We put garlic in everything from lasagna, to soups and stews and you guessed it…soap!

We’ll be introducing our newest soap next week and we’re so excited! But first a little garlic trivia:

1. Garlic is a bulb, not a vegetable

2. The active ingredient that kills bacteria is called “Allium”

3. Garlic is an excellent food preserver

4. King Tut was stuffed with garlic and lavender to help preserve his remains

5. Shallots, onions, leek and chives are all in the garlic family

6. Garlic is revered by herbalists to “kill” cancer cells

7. Garlic can fight an asthma attack

8. One clove of garlic a day will help lower blood sugar

9. Garlic helps to prevent heart attacks

10. Garlic tea, yes…I know, can help fight cavities

That’s a LOT for a tiny bulb!

We grow ours in pots so the squirrels and rabbits can’t get to them. Stay tuned…we’re going to show you what garlic soap can do.

Visit us at

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SweetMilk Clay Soap

Sweet Milk Clay Soap

Sweet Milk Clay Soap

With the summer heat, is your face oily and sweating? Are you worried about pimples and breaking out? SoapMuffin has the remedy for that. Sweet Milk Clay Soap! It’s our newest creation and we’re very proud. Clay is an old Egyptian secret, much like goat’s milk, for clear, beautiful skin. Clay actually absorbs oil from your pores and washes it away leaving you with a shine free complexion.

Did you also know that clay is the main ingredient used in mud masks?

You don’t have to go very far or spend very much for organic facial care. At 3.00 a bar, you can grab a few to keep that summer shine at bay!

Only at

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Hot, Isn’t It?


Summer is definitely here! With the soaring temperatures and oppressive heat, how are you staying cool and refreshed? Let me guess….Lemonade? Ice Cream? Homemade Icicle Pops? How about peppermint? Peppermint contains menthol which is an all natural cooling agent. Have you tried our Peppermint Patty Organic Soap yet?

Vanilla Fantasy

This sweet smelling, coconut-based soap will have you nice and refreshed…the Mother Nature way! We used real coconut milk and its creme with real mint leaves grown from my garden to give you a sensationally cool and clean shower experience. 

Try our Peppermint Patty Soap today and just chill…

Only at

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Rasta Hair Pomade

A good friend and co-worker asked me the other day, “Do you make anything for the Rasta Culture?”

Rasta Hair Pomade 2

Introducing: Ras Tafari Beeswax Pomade

I obtained organic beeswax from a good beekeeper in the midwest. Her wax is pure, undiluted and 100% untainted by pesticides. I added a dollop of green tea extract and real Ghanaian Shea Butter for an incredible luxurious feel. This pomade will gently hold all hair types, without being greasy, especially those that wish to sport the dreadlock look.

This pomade is gently scented and is suitable for everyday use. Try it today! Only at:

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Clean: SoapMuffin’s Newest Fragrance



We’re always trying out new recipes and essential oils at SoapMuffin. Our newest soap is an olive oil and black tea based body soap. The gentle, fresh scent of “shower clean” was added and the verdict is….

We love it!

This mild and very gentle soap lathers beautifully and the fragrance lingers in your shower. We could hardly wait for it to cure (2-3 weeks) to try it out. Since this is new, we made a small batch to await customer feedback. Tell us if you like this newest SoapMuffin addition and try one today. Only $3.00 at:

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